‘Late Phases’ Review, Finally A Good Werewolf Film

Late Phases Movie

Werewolf films today, much like shark films, are plagued by either crappy CGI, bad story, bad acting, or a combination of all three. Thankfully, Late Phases manages to avoid all three of these pitfalls and is one of the few, 21st century werewolf films that is actually good (for another good modern werewolf film, consider checking out Wer). Genre fans will be pleased that all ‘werewolf’ film elements are in … Read More →

See No Evil 2 Review


See No Evil 2 Review Twin directors Sylvia and Jen Soska have taken, and somewhat accomplished, the task of bringing to life a sequel to the 2006 WWE and Lionsgate film, See No Evil. While the original film had its faults, it was still a relatively fun horror film, this sequel being no different. For the most part, the twin directors took all of the positive things out of the … Read More →