See No Evil 2 Review


See No Evil 2 Review

Twin directors Sylvia and Jen Soska have taken, and somewhat accomplished, the task of bringing to life a sequel to the 2006 WWE and Lionsgate film, See No Evil. While the original film had its faults, it was still a relatively fun horror film, this sequel being no different.

For the most part, the twin directors took all of the positive things out of the first film and carried them over to the second, though this isn’t saying much as the first film was panned by critics and, to a lesser extent, moviegoers (it currently has a 5.1 rating on IMDB). With the 7 foot tall monster Jacob Goodnight returning with Glenn Jacobs taking over the roll once again, the twin directors seemed to want to give him his own ‘unique’ look and to beef up how scary he appears by slapping a burn victim mask on him. With the movie taking place in a morgue, the giant serial killer is also given quite a few neat weapons to use on his victims, even using a hook and chain on one hapless guy.

Some of the other earlier reviewers seem to be fawning over one of main characters in the movie – Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps werewolf films), though I personally found her character overly dramatic and annoying. She is a good actress, but in this film she is one of my least favorite characters. She seems to try to be hoped up with energy but comes off, well like I said above, annoying and overly dramatic.

No, the star mantle in this film clearly goes to Danielle Harris who is the main character. Danielle Harris has a knack for making her way into medium budget horror films like Hatchet 2 and 3, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 and Camp Dread. And there is a reason for that. She always delivers great performances and this film is no exception. In See No Evil 2, she plays a worker at the morgue who has her friends surprise her on her birthday, only for them to be locked in when Jacob Goodnight mysteriously comes back to life.


See No Evil 2 begins pretty much right where the first film ended, with the bodies from the first film being sent off to the morgue, including the “dead” body of Jacob Goodnight. While horror fans probably liked See No Evil because of its gore, this film is a bit more tame with some of its scenes which is disappointing, save for one throat cut scene.

The setting itself is pretty neat, especially the way the twin directors took shots of the eerie hallways and dim lights throughout the morgue, adding onto the creepiness is the fact that all of the partiers (ie victims) are trapped thanks to Goodnight blockading all of the exists.

In addition to the special effects, which are way above the typical low budget crap you see on Sci-Fi, fans of the twin directors and of WWE will enjoy the special features available on both Blu-ray and DVD. They run roughly 10 minutes a peace, the first is titled “Twisted Twins”, which explores how the twin directors got involved in directing, we also get to see commentary from the stars of the film, including Danielle Harris and Glen Jacobs.

The other special feature titled: Autopsy: Dissecting the Kills, does exactly that and, headed by the F/X team leader Todd Masters, breaks down some of the epic kills in the film and goes through how some of those kills are done. If you are a horror fan you will particularly enjoy this special feature.

One area where See No Evil 2 fails in is originality. There are more than a few typical horror cliches in this film, many of which bugged me. From the standard ditzy blonde, the ‘accidental’ tripping whenever running from the villain, the obligatory scene where everyone is running away from Goodnight and, for some reason, all decide to run in opposite directions and the extremely cliche scene where one of the victims decides to back up 30 feet right into the killer. Annoying? Very much so, but they don’t kill the film.

Other than typical horror movie cliches and no originality, See No Evil 2 is a pretty solid film that is guaranteed to entertain most horror fans. If you have some free time over the weekend consider checking it out.

Overall: 3.5 / 5

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